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Aabikombi Tanzania

We are a tailor made safari company operating in Tanzania.
We offer all types of adventure holidays which suit all our clients.
We use small, exclusive camping, lodges and tented camps to ensure our clients experience the untouched areas of Tanzania.
Popular Destinations
Serengeti National Park is the oldest and most popular national park, also a world heritage site and recently proclaimed a 7th worldwide wonder, the Serengeti is famed for its annual migration, when some six million hooves pound the open plains, as more than 200,000 zebra and 300,000 ...
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Cultural Tourism
With Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Northern Tanzania is endowed with some of Africa´s most wonderful tourist attractions. Visitors to Tanzania certainly want to see these places, but often do not realize that the country has much more to offer. With the variety of cultures and as attractive scenery everywhere, ..
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Responsible Tourism
Responsible tourism is exactly enabling local communities to enjoy a better quality of life, through increased socio-economic benefits and improved environment. It is also about protecting and conserving our wildlife and environments, providing more authentic safari holiday experiences for visitors ....
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Daily and Group Tour
We will drive you early in the morning around 6:00am with your lunch to Lake Manyara for a full day game drive in beautiful Manyara National Park.
See buffalo, giraffe, zebra and many more species, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Great Rift Wall late in the evening drive ....
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One of the decisions one must take while planning his safari in Africa is whether to stay in public campsites /tented camps or lodges. We combine attractive destinations, exhilarating safari adventure options and unique accommodations to create a tailor made holiday itinerary which suits your lifestyle. ....
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Our Safari Jeep
Our car is 4x4 big land cruiser with Top Deck/ POP UP roof which carry maximum of 6 people and everyone has its own window seat. In the car you can access the WIFI and we have cable inside the car which you can use for charging your phone or camera while your on safari with us ...
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